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To create a website adapted to your needs, call on a professional web agency.

Website creation

The website is essential for any company that wishes to publicise its activities and products. The ergonomic design of Home And Energy has enabled it to generate more traffic.

Online shop

The e-commerce websites and platforms are dedicated to the online sale of products and services. A good digital strategy must be implemented to meet customer needs.

Web marketing

To make your web marketing strategy a success, establish a communication plan and set your objectives in advance. This helps optimizing the success of your web project.

Web agency: Our skills for a unique website

Developing a website is not an easy task. It requires in-depth knowledge of the digital world and convincing techniques.

The website is a widely used communication tool these days. You have to stand out from your competitors to acquire customers.

It is important to enrich the website day by day with high quality content. The choice of the web marketing strategy to be implemented must depend on the needs of your targets. The ideal would be to mobilise several communication channels. Thus, many companies are also developing their presence on social networks. These platforms are an excellent way to make themselves known and to sell products and services. Choosing the right leverage to reach a maximum number of prospects and subsequently build loyalty is not easy. It is therefore strongly advised to turn to a professional.

Digital strategy: the importance of social media!

Customer experience

Social networks help optimise your company’s customer experience. They allow you to build a community, to engage and retain your targets.


With social media tools and platforms, it is entirely possible to boost your digital reputation. They are real competitive levers to develop your brand.

Qualified traffic

To generate qualified traffic from social networks, define the basis of your strategy in advance and carefully assess the expectations of your targets.

An expert web design agency at your service!

Creation of web interfaces to provide you with the best design!

Web design, like the design of the New Energy Alternative website, includes all the methods that consist of designing the website’s interfaces, organising the pages and optimising the user experience.

Graphic standards charter/book

This document contains a company’s values, as well as all the graphic signs that identify it.

Ergonomic web design

The web design agency improves the structure of your website and optimises the user experience.

Responsive web design (RWD)

It is essential to adjust the content of your website to the screen size of the terminal used by the Internet user.

Graphic models of a website

To make your web models functional, focus on details: colour, roundness, typography…

Logo creation & visual identity

The visual identity of your brand allows customers to recognise you simply by the sight of your logo.